Concierge Services of the Future

“Stay in the present” my wife calls out to me as I leave for work each day. By this, she means that if I take care of what needs to be handled in the moment the next moment, the future, will take care of itself. She understands that my position is a demanding one where I have an unending stream of requests placed on me from the minute I clock-in until the last parting good night of the day. She also knows I love my work, and put my heart and soul into serving our guests.

So, what’s to become of concierge services in the future? What will your hotel Concierge be in 50 years – a human or an android? The concept isn’t hard to imagine if a digital marketing company takes the profession by the lapels and shoots it right into the dimension of AI. I can’t help but wonder if the profession will be even remotely similar to what we know it to be now.  Continue reading