5 Attributes Every Concierge Should Have

Landing a job as a Concierge hardly makes you good at what you’ve been hired to do. It’s the hands-on, can-do performance that sets an excellent Concierge apart from the applicant that looks good on paper. I understand that everyone needs to start somewhere, and of course, there is no fault in that, however having and honing tools of the trade will keep you, your clients and your employer happy long after your first day.

Guests will ask for basics like local restaurant recommendations to the bizarre, but usually won’t inquire about more obscure interests like say Airbnb Manager St Catharines ON or something of the sort. The wide range of demands is equal only to the multiple personalities that walk through the lobby door. Therefore, the Concierge should be unflappable, no matter what the request and respond appropriately.  Continue reading

A Brief History of Concierge Services Part 1

Most of us have stayed at a hotel with concierge service, but have you ever given a thought as to how and where this amenity first started? It’s not likely that you spent a moment, wondering while you were on vacation or a business or family trip, but just for grins wouldn’t you like to know?

After all, everything has a beginning somewhere, sometime, somehow. Most services, like a prom limo rental Greensboro NC concierge duties were born out of necessity. Dating back to the middle ages – yes – the middle ages, the concierge of the day was known as “a personal slave”, but the term soon graduated to mean “keeper of the keys”. Although there are times when the slave description seems to fit the bill, personally I resonate much more with the keeper of the keys. Continue reading