Hello. My name is David Joseph and I have been in a unique service industry for the past sixteen years. During that time, I have had requests from the ordinary to the bizarre. I have earned a reputation for getting “it” done. That reputation leads me to recall the vast and varied experiences that come along with the title Concierge.

This blog site is about the life of an upscale Concierge with hair-raising, eyebrow raising and hell-raising tales.

My position started when I was asked by a friend to help him out over a weekend at a small private men’s club. While the club had a full roster of local members they often catered to out-of-town guests. Our services included the expected; theater tickets, dinner reservations, special engagements, hotel accommodations, car rental or limo pick-up and drop-offs, helicopter and private jet reservations, catering arrangements for private parties, gift purchases and escort services. It didn’t stop there if you can think it, my job was to make it happen.

Producing the impossible is assumed when the clientele is wealthy and simply don’t question they’ll get what they want. Most of the members of the establishments I worked for over the years were considered on the high end of well-off. This site is about the scenes behind the scenes. What it takes to deliver and become known as dependable to those who ask for what is sometimes contrary to reason.

The job is not without its perks. Tips are incredible and can make all the mind-bending, back breaking efforts seem worth it at times. I learned to grow a thick skin and be very patient. I taught myself to see the world through two (at least) sets of eyes. Those that saw from the middle income, Midwestern home I grew up in with four siblings to the extravagant and the ridiculousness of the 1%.

Overall, there are tales to be told and I thank you for reading my blogs. I’m always open to a good story, so leave comments below my articles and join the conversation.