5 Attributes Every Concierge Should Have

Landing a job as a Concierge hardly makes you good at what you’ve been hired to do. It’s the hands-on, can-do performance that sets an excellent Concierge apart from the applicant that looks good on paper. I understand that everyone needs to start somewhere, and of course, there is no fault in that, however having and honing tools of the trade will keep you, your clients and your employer happy long after your first day.

Guests will ask for basics like local restaurant recommendations to the bizarre, but usually won’t inquire about more obscure interests like say Airbnb Manager St Catharines ON or something of the sort. The wide range of demands is equal only to the multiple personalities that walk through the lobby door. Therefore, the Concierge should be unflappable, no matter what the request and respond appropriately. 5 Attributes That Every Concierge Should Have.

Always Courteous
Over and beyond anything else, guests should always be treated with courtesy. If a particular request is outlandish from the Concierge’s point of view, it should not be conveyed to the party making the request. Assure the guest of options, then go about doing the best to make it happen, but a good Concierge doesn’t use the word “no”. If the appeal is unlawful, or overtly distasteful, or potentially harmful of others, then naturally more oversight is called for. A professional wouldn’t have a gun delivered to a room, or hook a guest up with the local coke dealer, for example.

Well Connected
A great Concierge has contacts all over the world. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s essential. Inheriting someone else’s list is a coup, but nurturing those contacts takes time and the right touch. Being a member of the Society of the Golden Keys is a must for any reputable hotel and good contacts are a give and receive proposition, so being prepared to exchange favors is how the network operates. In this business, as in any successful endeavor – it’s who you know, more than what you know.

Tech Savvy
Following closely on the heels, of who-you-know is knowing how to get it happening quickly. Using the internet to glean information that supports efforts towards accomplishing a task makes the job faster and points the seeker in the right direction. If the object of one’s desire isn’t something that is locally available, but can be found on the internet, the savvy concierge will track it down and get said object to the soliciting guest without a hitch.

Patience is a Virtue

This means being a good listener, never opinionated, persevering and handling disappointment. Sometimes guests don’t really know what they want. It may be due to stress or jet-lag, so being patiently resourceful comes into play frequently. Occasionally, even the best efforts will end up being sidelined in favor of a client’s whim or change of heart. Being flexible, rounded and balanced will show off the best of any Concierge.

Always Creative

Every day is a new day. Looking for creative and better ways to operate keeps the work fresh. Being innovative and proactive delivers better service and memories for the patrons. Staying adaptable and ahead of the trend in dining, transportation, the marketplace, entertainment, and technology allows for an all-around pleasurable experience that translates into happy and repeat guests.

The list of attributes which make up an excellent Concierge is nearly endless, but it all boils down to loving the work. If each day brings a sense of satisfaction, then it’s reason to learn the trade and make it a career.

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